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World Health Day - creating a fairer world with inclusive healthcare

Underprivileged, vulnerable, and marginalised communities have been the worst hit by the pandemic, and the last year has thrown a harsh spotlight on the healthcare gap and the harsh reality that some people have better access to healthcare services and support than others.

This is the case world over, as vulnerable countries have been the worst impacted, and poorer local communities have seen the highest COVID-19 infection rates and had the least access to support.

To address this imbalance – and limit preventable illness and disease – this year’s World Health Day campaign is calling for leaders to come together in a new campaign

to help build a healthier, fairer world.

At One Health we believe that everyone has the right to quality healthcare and a healthy life, and in support of the campaign, we’re seizing the opportunity to call on health and care professionals to raise awareness of the services available to their patients and in their local area.

One Health CEO Adam Binns says “Our clinical team of more than 50 highly-qualified, NHS-trained Consultants work with us to provide NHS patients with shorter waiting times and treatment which is free at the point of entry – meaning everyone, regardless of income or socioeconomic background, can access quality healthcare quickly.

Our mission is to bring accessible, NHS-funded treatment to even more communities and our vision is that people can access this care local to where they live. Everyone has the right to access quality healthcare treatment when they need it, and we’re proud to support 17,000 patients every year.”

If you are a healthcare professional, find out how you can refer your patients to us and give them access to treatment which may change their life. Patients can head to our resource centre to find out what conditions we treat, and what to expect from your One Health referral.

World Health Day

Whether you're a patient or healthcare professional, if you have any questions about One Health Group, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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