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A First For One Health...

One Health Group is the first independent sector provider in South Yorkshire, to offer DAYCASE total knee replacement and 24hour discharge hip replacements….

With more patients expecting shorter stays in hospital after hip and kneearthroplasty, One Health Group initiated a review of their service led by Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mr Narendra Garneti to establish day case and 24-hour discharge hip and knee replacement surgery.

In collaboration with BMI Thornbury Hospital we are proud to be the first Independent Healthcare provider in South Yorkshire and Sheffield to perform Day-Case Knee Replacements and 24-Hour-Discharge Hip Replacements.

Patients suitable for same-day-discharge or 24-hour-discharge were identified using setcriteria. This service was commenced at BMI Thornbury Hospital on 22nd November2019. To date, 6 patients underwent Day-case Total Knee Replacement surgery, 1 patient underwent 24-hour discharge Knee Replacement surgery and a further 6 patients underwent 24-hour discharge Total Hip Replacement surgery. To date,there have been no complications or re-admissions. All patients were satisfiedwith the process, the experience and the care provided.

Same-Dayand 24-Hour-Discharge after a Knee and Hip Replacement surgery is suitable for approximately 10-15% of patients undergoing lower-limb arthroplasty. Patient selection and education, enhanced recovery and a well-defined clinical pathway are key to successful day-case and 24-hour-discharge lower limb joint replacement surgery.

Same- day and 24-hour discharge works well after elective Total Knee Replacement and Total Hip Replacement for a select group of patients at the One Health Group.

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