One Health Group Response to the Ian Paterson Case 2017-07-10

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One Health Group has observed the recent case of Mr Ian Paterson with interest, and with sympathy for his patients.   The case is an example where non-standard practice was allowed to continue to the detriment of patients, despite concerns being raised.

From its inception, One Health Group has placed patient safety and clinical governance at the core of its values.   The group structure within OHG means that all our clinicians work within groups of a similar specialty.  There is a longstanding audit programme which delivers review of all our patients care on a three monthly basis.  All outcome data is scrutinised by groups of specialists and OHG does not have any clinicians practising outside this framework.

The outcome of each of our subspeciality groups is reviewed by our central clinical management group also on a three monthly cycle and a signed assurance statement from each group is delivered to our governance board.  One Health Group publishes its outcome data annually, and reports to NHS commissioning groups on a 3 monthly cycle.

One Health Group considers this to be a robust and reliable system which would prevent any clinician working outside recognised practice.