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When is a hip replacement needed?

When is a hip replacement needed?

Hip replacement surgery is a very successful operation in the right patient. It is a good option, but should also be the last option.

Hip replacement should be considered by people with a painful degenerative hip joint. It is usually performed when the hip joint is affected with advanced osteoarthritis or other degenerative condition including inflammatory arthritis. Hip replacement surgery should be considered when non-surgical treatment options like adequate analgesia, physiotherapy, activity modification weight loss, use of a walking stick etc. have been exhausted.

Although, the most common cause of hip joint problem is arthritis, there are other causes such as congenital abnormalities and deformities due to accidents that may require a hip replacement. 

The hip joint is one of the most complex joints in the body and is a major weight-bearing joint. It allows us to bend, straighten and rotate, while the ligaments and muscles give stability and balance. Most hip conditions tend to be treated conservatively, at least initially. However, many hip joint problems are progressive and surgery may be inevitable.

After your initial consultation, your Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon will give you the details of the clinical condition of your hip joint, review the radiographs of your hip joint with you and then give you the treatment options, both non-surgical and surgical in the form a Total Hip Replacement. If you and your surgeon decide that your hip joint is bad enough to consider having a Total Hip Replacement, you can choose to proceed to having your hip joint replaced with an artificial hip joint. After you have made the decision to have a Total Hip Replacement, you will be given all the details, including the benefits and risks associated with a Total Hip Replacement. You will then be consented for the surgical procedure and be placed on the waiting list for a Total Hip Replacement.   

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