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How to receive Hip Surgery through One Health?

How to receive treatment from the One Health for Hip Surgery?

One Health, provides fast, local and expert care, for NHS, private and self-pay patients who may otherwise have to wait long for treatment. One Health has been working with the NHS for over a decade and treats over 12,000 new Orthopaedic patients every year. Established in 2004, One Health provides free high quality NHS care for NHS patients requiring Total Hip Replacement Surgery. It provides high quality private care to private and self-pay patients requiring a Total Hip Replacement.

One Health is proud of the quality of care provided by our Consultants. All of our Orthopaedic Consultants are fully qualified, NHS and double- Fellowship trained and hold Specialist Registrations with the General Medical Council (GMC).

We understand that having any treatment can be an anxious time for patients. One Health ensures that all our patients have the same Orthopaedic Consultant looking after them throughout their pathway of care- from the initial consultation at the outpatient appointment to any aftercare or follow-up appointments that may be necessary.

One Health has clinics (where you typically have your initial and follow up appointments with your Consultant), in locations convenient to our patients.  These are generally situated in leafy suburbs with pleasant and relaxing surroundings.  Transport links are good and there is always ample free parking. We will take you through all the steps in the process, from referral to recovery, so you're fully prepared and know what questions to ask at each stage.

How To Choose One Health

You can choose to have your NHS treatment carried out by One Health at no cost to you. Private and self-pay patients can either self-refer or ask their GP to refer them to the One Health for consideration of Total Hip Replacement Surgery.

The NHS e-Referral system (previously known as ‘Choose & Book’) allows NHS patients to choose the date and time of their appointments. 

Referral can be made by your GP to our DIRECTLY BOOKABLE SERVICE via the Electronic Referral System (ERS) – enabling you to choose the date, and location of your appointment before you even leave your GP practice. Once you are logged into the NHS e-Referral site, you will be able to select One Health as your care provider. We guarantee to offer you a prompt appointment on receiving your referral.

How can I be referred to a One Health Consultant?

Please discuss your preferences with your GP, e.g. if you would you like to see a particular Orthopaedic Consultant or a One Health Group clinic nearer to home? If you choose One Health, your GP will guide you through the process using NHS e- Referral.

Patients who are referred for a first Orthopaedic outpatient Consultant-led appointment, are able to choose which consultant they’d like to see as long as it is a clinically appropriate option for their referral. Orthopaedic Consultants are listed against the One Health clinics on the NHS-e-Referral website.

Please call our Patient Liaison Team on 0114 250 5510 if you need any help.

How much does it cost?

Treatment offered by the One Health is FREE at the point of use for all NHS patients. We will liaise directly with the Insurance companies for private patients and with patients themselves if they are self-funding their treatment.

What are One Health's waiting times?

Our waiting times are shorter, when compared to the National average. The average waiting time to first consultant appointment is a few days to 2weeks* and the average waiting time for surgery/treatment is 4-8 weeks*.

*depending on speciality.

One Health Day-Case Total Hip Replacement pathway with enhanced recovery

Increasing demand for early discharge after elective hip replacement surgery by patients prompted a review of how this could be facilitated at the One Health.

One Health, in collaboration with BMI Thornbury Hospital is the first Independent Healthcare provider in the country to perform Day-Case Hip Replacements.

If you are suitable for same-day-discharge after a total hip replacement, using pre-defined set criteria, your surgeon will discuss this pathway with you at your initial consultation.

Day-case Hip replacement surgery is associated with better outcomes than inpatient hip replacement in the right patients, by improving patient experience/ satisfaction, and avoiding the risks associated with hospital admission, like post-surgical infections, blood clots etc..

Same-Day-Discharge after Hip Replacement surgery is suitable for approximately 10-15% of patients undergoing a Hip replacement. One Health has clear parameters for patient selection and education, enhanced recovery and a well-defined clinical pathway, which are all key to successful day-case-total hip replacement surgery. 

Bringing healthcare closer to where you live.

One Health Group utilises specialist consultants and healthcare managers working together to provide the best possible diagnosis and treatment for our patients.