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One Health Group are a team of specialist surgeons and healthcare managers working together to provide the best possible diagnosis and treatment for our patients. We have been working with the NHS since 2004 and during the last two years we have treated over 15,000 NHS patients.   In common with all NHS providers we receive the same payments as your traditional NHS hospital does for the same service.


Our NHS services include:



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You have the right to choose the organisation that provides your NHS care, as soon as you are referred for your first outpatient appointment with a consultant.  You can choose One Health for your NHS treatment.


We know that short waiting times are important to our patients. As at October 2016:

 • Average waiting time to first consultant appointment: 3 Weeks

 • Average waiting time for surgery/treatment: 4-8 weeks (excluding spinal surgery)

 • Average waiting time for spinal surgery: 12-14 weeks


Our patients tell us that we deliver a good service, with 98% rating their experience Good to Excellent. 


With One Health you will be seen by the same Consultant at every visit throughout your treatment. You will also be assigned an individual contact from our dedicated NHS Patient Liaison Team to help you manage your appointments and answer any queries you may have. This ensures that every patient receives continuity, with the highest level of service and support throughout their care.


One Health Group Surgeons all have NHS backgrounds and we believe in maintaining the NHS’s founding principles of ‘healthcare free at the point of use…’.


Our aim is to provide clinics and hospitals in Care and Quality Commission (CQC) registered locations convenient to our patients. These are generally situated in leafy suburbs with pleasant and relaxing surroundings. Transport links are good and there is always ample free parking. The hospitals we use are all within the independant sector so you can enjoy excellent, modern hospital facilities.


Referral to the One Health can be made by your GP, Physiotherapist or Referral Management Centre.

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