Patient Comments

  • Mrs G B 2016-11-02

    "I found my consultant, Mr Peter Goodfellow, to be extremely attentive in my consultation. He really took the time to listen to the problem and talk me through the next steps of investigation. He has been reassuring throughout my course of treatment and I would highly recommend him and the One Health Group. I couldn't have asked for a better service! "

  • 2016-07-12

    'More than 10,000 people a year are choosing One Health for their NHS treatment'

  • Mrs A Robinson2016-05-09

    Dear Mr Kamat

    Once again, thank you very much indeed for allowing me to benefit from your care and expertise.  I am extremely grateful to you and your team and feel very fortunate to have been given this chance.

     Mrs A Robinson

  • Mrs LY2016-02-03

    “thank you Mr Narula to you and your team for making such a difference to my everyday life.  A massive thank you”  Mrs LY,

    Sheffield, a patient of Mr Narula, Consultant General Surgeon.  

  • Patient Statistic2016-01-22

    “97% of our patients rated One Health Group Good to Excellent”   

    (‘OHG patient satisfaction survey 2016)

  • Nick Matthew2015-09-08

    To Derek

    thank you for your expertise and steady hand that helped me acheive my dream in Glasgow!  I thought the quote was very appropriate as if you have the will and desire there are no limits to what you can acheive. 

    Thanks again and best wishes to everyone at One Health.