Orthopaedic Procedures |Ankle Arthroscopy

Keyhole surgery for ankle problems is well established. Sport injuries, ligament problems, osteochondral dissecans, periarticular fractures (fractures involving the joint surface), ankle fusion and impingement problems can be treated with this technique.


A small telescope is inserted through small incision (less than 1cm). Through another small incision instruments such as shaver, bone burr is inserted to deal with the problems.


Even subtalar joints, 1st MTP joint and certain tendon sheaths (tenoscopy) can be approached with this technique.


Loose bodies, scar tissue, bone spurs, and joint surface problems can be dealt with this technique.

Arthroscopic ankle fusion


Ankle arthritis causes stiffness and pain. Keyhole ankle fusion avoids big incisions and shorter rehabilitation. This is a relatively new technique. Usually two screws are percutaneously inserted. Therefore the patient has only four small (less than 1cm) scars with this technique. Of course patients with severe deformity may not be suitable for this technique.