You can choose to have your NHS treatment carried out by One Health at no cost to you

The NHS e-Referral system (previously known as 'Choose & Book') allows NHS patients to choose the date and time of their appointments.  GPs may be able to book your e-Referred appointment, immediately.


Benefits of choosing One Health


  • Shorter waiting times


  • Local clinics, closer to where you live


  • Opportunity to choose your surgeon


  • See the same Consultant throughout your treatment - start to finish


  • Dedicated NHS Patient Liaison Team member to assist you throughout the process


  • Surgery carried out at a private hospital, with improved facilities


  • Low infection rates


  • Patient Satisfacation:  97% of our patients rated us Good to Excellent


How can I be referred to a One Health Consultant?


Ask your GP.  Their team should be able to book it for you. Alternatively, you can book online using the reference at the top of your appointment letter.  Once you are logged into the NHS e-Referral site, you will be able to select One Health Group as your care provider.


Call us on 0114 250 5510 if you need any help.


How much does it cost?


One Health treatment is FREE at the point of use for all NHS patients.


Are One Health waiting times shorter when using e-Referral?


On average waiting times are shorter.

Average waiting time to first consultant appointment is 2-4 weeks*

Average waiting time for surgery/treatment is 4-8 weeks*

* depending on speciality.